Experience of use Detoxic

Detoxic Irina (Chisinau) usage experience

Experience using capsules against Detoxic parasites

There are many rumors and speculations about Detoxic capsules. I will tell you my experience with using parasite capsules and how I got rid of worms from the whole family in three weeks.

I have a very large family - me, a husband, two children and a German shepherd named Sandy to start. Sandy spends all the time with the kids, and my husband and I never had time to wash our paws after each hike. As a result, the children first had worms, then my husband and I.

Helminths were not noticed immediately. We classify fatigue and sleep problems as normal work fatigue; stomach problems also appeared to be a consequence of normal stress. The bad news was only noticed when children began to noticeably lose weight. We went to the hospital, got tested and received a definitive diagnosis - intestinal parasites.

An acquaintance of my husband (he works as a nutritionist) advised him to burn worms for a dog and buy detoxifying antiparasitic capsules for the whole family. He also told how to use the drug. We followed the advice and noticed an improvement in well-being in the 2nd week of use. After the course, we passed several tests and received negative results. The helminths are gone. Children have become more active and happier than before.

Happy children playing with a sheepdog (Detoxic)

We were lucky to use these capsules, and now I would recommend Detoxic to my friends myself if they have a similar problem.